Generationals – Ten-Twenty-Ten

Switched to the current generation it seems after the retro headedness of ‘When They Fight They Fight’. Of course that song came from a couple of years back so it’s easy to see how the sands of time could have shifted since then. In the process Generationals appear to have become a good deal better, if ‘Ten-Twenty-Ten’ is anything to go by from their new album ‘Actor-Caster’ (out tomorrow on Park The Van). This has the rhythm, groove and all round feel of a song that could go viral. The band have had decent success in infiltrating marketing boardrooms in the past so there is no reason to suggest that ‘Ten-Twenty-Ten’ won’t be soundtracking sales pitches for the rest of the year. Once there it will have its little wicked way with a good deal of the television owning world. KD

Generationals – Ten-Twenty-Ten

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Year: 2011

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