Kowalski – Asleep

For some reason, and one I can’t quite work out, google is sending this blog lots of travellers because of a post we did for this Northern band last year. Not that we’re complaining but it’d be nice to get to the bottom of the trending. Regardless the more people to get to hear about Kowalski the better for they are undoubtedly one of this islands brightest prospects. They have the songs too, as shiny as anything Two Door Cinema Club could come up with but with the added advantage of sustainability. Official releases have been a bit slow in coming of late so let’s cast our ear back to the opening track from their superb ‘Take Care, Take Flight’ EP from April 2010. This may have less bounce than normal but that hardly means it’s a deflated effort, no this has heart on its sleeve, in its ribcage and coming its way from a thousand infatuated girls. KD

Kowalski – Asleep

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Year: 2010

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