Love Inks – Blackeye

Love Inks may have slotted quite seamlessly into our daily SXSW digest but since they come from that neck of the woods we figured they probably keep Austin pretty weird all year round. Not that their music is in anyway misshaped or awkward, going by ‘Blackeye’ Love Inks appear to have a fine grasp on the constructs of what makes a top song. They do however prefer to keep details relating to themselves on the sketchy side and even a mooted (now muted) EP is harder to track down than Carlos the Jackal. Still, hard to be critical when ‘Blackeye’ affords us another chance to drive our imaginary convertible through desert landscapes at sunset. KD

Love Inks – Blackeye

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Year: 2011

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  1. Jeremy
    March 16, 2011

    Interesting how they can make an interesting song out of so much repetition. I’ve yet to achieve that feat.

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