Nightlands – Suzerain (A Letter to the Judge)

When I was younger melodies used to regularly pop into my head, they appeared so beautiful and innovative ““ standalone with no help from the annals of pop history. Well, that may have been true but I could not stomach bleeding fingertips or the irritating noise my throat made so they were lost to my subconscious. Loved to read then that Dave Hartley composes his wonderful tunes from the sounds that appear in his head by night. A tape recorder at his bedside is always on hand to commit the ideas for later autopsy. This novel approach means that he can also work with his other band the War on Drugs during daylight hours. A 24 hour music making machine and one at the height of its prowess given the luxurious rambles that are ‘300 Clouds’ and ‘Suzerain (A Letter to the Judge)’ from last years’ ‘Forget The Mantra’ LP. What we’re hearing is the opposite of sleep deprivation. And what a deliciously cool video to promo the song. KD

Nightlands – Suzerain (A Letter to the Judge)

Nightlands – 300 Clouds

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Year: 2010

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