Real Ones – Every Dog Has His Day

It has been quite a few years since the great Bergen explosion, a short period where it seemed that Norwegian town was producing a fab new band every week. Real Ones were already a fully operational entity at that stage but I can’t for the life of me remember picking up their name at that stage. Anyway, we’re here now and liking their country twang (seems they are not confined to this genre). ‘Every Dog Has His Day’ from their 2008 record ‘All For The Neighbourhood’ is so Americana you almost expect the credits to reveal the Great Lake Swimmers or similar US institution. This is no slavish idolation though as the song stands up perfectly on its hind legs without assistance. Real Ones latest album ‘First Night On Earth’ came out just last month (listen to a track below) so it is comforting to know that the sound of young Bergen continues to flourish. KD

Real Ones – Every Dog Has His Day

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Year: 2008

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