Sin Fang – Always Everything

On the day of an Irish football game I am generally in a tither, especially so when the opposition is such that we should be beating them well (on paper). The reality however is that this team makes more of a meal of the less fancied sides. It means that in the run up to the game (or at least until the alcohol soothes the distraction) and for the whole 90+ minutes the feeling is one of outright dread. The football is often sterile, one-dimensional and as frustratingly as trying to clap with one hand. The highs when they come have been so few over the last decade (WC2002 aside) as to the make the job of the Irish Football supporter one of extreme endurance. Wouldn’t change it for the world though and this evening we can perhaps finally put to bed one of the most horrible phrases ‘having a Macedonia’. There’s much to savour too, James McCarthy will hopefully come home and Armenia will put the match fixing allegations behind them and give the Russians a roasting. Until 10pm this evening though it will be watch it all through lots of sweating fingers time. Lucky then that Sin Fang (minus the Bous but with a newbie called ‘Summer Echoes’ just out) is here to apply a damp cloth to our collective foreheads. KD

Sin Fang – Always Everything

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Year: 2011

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