SXSW 2011: Digest #6

The penultimate digest and we’re in determined mood today. Mp3’s fell like an hour long compilation of Ronaldo dives. From the slaughter these 5 magic Messi moments emerged triumphantly.


Wild instrumental forays with a suspiciously melodic heart.

Marco Benevento – It Came From You

More Info: Marco Benevento


So long you may be panned out by the finish, delightful nugget all the same.

No Gold – Rainforts

More Info: No Gold


This year of great new Aussie bands just gets better and better.

The Boat People – Under The Ocean

More Info: The Boat People


Hip Hop’s gotta work extra hard to catch our attention so when it swings by it’s pretty great.

Sweatshop Union – Oh My

More Info: Sweatshop Union


Dancing about Helsinki architecture in downtown Winnipeg.

Boats – Chrome Eyelids

More Info: Boats



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