Two If By Sea – Apron of Flowers

A band we should love for the murkyness they bring to the dreampop realm. Unfortunately it hasn’t always been a 2 sided romance but things appear to have taken a turn for the better with new release ‘Staysail’ (on 7-inch before you wonder). ‘Apron of Flowers’ is the promo tune and proves to be a prime candidate for Sarah Records new compilation were such a thing ever to happen. Funny too that the duo come from London (Ontario, that is), surely the original hub of lo-fi skirmishes and DIY indie aesthetics. Of course they could just as well be Scandinavian. Looks like the future is bright, but first we are gonna learn how to say their name without first reading it a dozen times (a dyslexics nightmare). KD

Two If By Sea – Apron of Flowers

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Year: 2011

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