Woodsman – Serfer

Blog loves Lefse band edition #342. While not strictly true you get the gist of how our buds have synced quite parallelly (our sophisticated language less so) with that particular label. This time our interest is in Colorado dreamscapers (can think of a Fort Collins band of similar vintage, not rare forms in that state it seems) Woodsmen who drifted out the back end of our unbranded speakers onto the plasterboard behind creating all manner of psychedelic colours, moving every which way as if stirred by an invisible painters brush. No, we haven’t mistaken the sudafed for coffee again it’s just what appeared about half through ‘Serfer’. Of course it has its origins in a time where flower wearing amongst males wasn’t the preserve of daffodil day alone. In fact so taken was I with this serpentine delight earlier that several of Moore Street’s finest 8 day olds still hang droppily from my receding fringe. KD

Woodsman – Serfer

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Year: 2011

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