Anni Rossi – Crushing Limbs

I was about to undertake one of my weekly non-blogging chores and whilst catching some sun this song hoved into view. It seemed like an eerily perceptive arrival in that space where downtime meets effortime, that moment where illusions of peace are on the cusp of being shattered by reality. So while this simple yet utterly loveable piece played out I quickly investigated who Ms. Rossi was. And with the saintly alphanumeric combo 4AD closely associated with the Minnesota multi-instrumentalist it appears as if we’d happened upon a good one. Seems her 2010 digital release ‘Heavy Meadow’, of which ‘Crushed Limbs’ is a part, is soon to be offered in a nifty playable heavy vinyl casing via 3 Syllable. What a way to banish drudgery. She also does a mean ‘Creep’ too. KD

Anni Rossi – Crushing Limbs

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Year: 2011

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