April Showers – Abandon Ship

No it’s not a lost Camera Obscura song, it comes from much further back if not from a million miles in geographical terms. For April Showers were indeed a Glaswegian band but one with the distinction of only releasing two singles. Their first came via indie Operation Twilight (also home to the Pale Fountains and Propaganda) in 1982 and consisted of 4 songs which given the media of the day meant that every inch of vinyl was pressed into action. The duo consisted of Jonathan Bernstein and Beatrice Colin (who was previously in another Operation Twilight band the French Impressionists and is now a well known author) and were subsequently signed to the major offshoot Big Star. ‘Abandon Ship’ was the sole fruit from that union. The a-side and its lush nature was as much down to Art of Noise arranger Anne Dudley as the band and it retains a impressively contemporary sound compared to its ilk of the day. Time to stop the 80’s scoff methinks and recognise the depth of quality songs it produced, this one chief among them. KD

April Showers – Abandon Ship [Missed it? It might be here!]

More Info: Operation Twilight & Beatrice Colin
Year: 1984

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