Baaba Maal – Television

With the sun getting warmer outside I like nothing better than to take in some rays and the sounds of Africa. Not really, but I wish I had the time to explore the vast array of music that originates from that continent. Especially since in the last while we’ve come across (by chance rather than design) 2 wonderful talents in the Good Ones from Rwanda and now Baaba Maal from Senegal. ‘Television’ is supremely happy music from an artist who is huge back home, second only in popularity to Youssou N’Dour, and has a vast catalogue of albums to his name (his music appeared on the Black Hawk Down movie). This is the title track from his last one in 2009 and has ye olde hugger involved in bodily movement rarely seen pre imbibification. KD

Baaba Maal – Television

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Year: 2009

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