Code Pie – North Side City View

Nothing to do with the fact that every morning we draw the curtains there is a northside city view looking back at us, more to do with the brilliance of the music from the latest Indiecater recruits Code Pie. ‘Love Meets Rage‘ has just been released on our sister label and it is not an overstatement to say that we’ve been head over heels with it since it came to be in our possession about 4 months ago. Is it not beautiful that a gorgeous record that was made in a faraway city (Montreal) can somehow appear via a small homebaked label in Dublin? Of course we’re biased but listening to ‘North Side City View’ causes such extreme goosebumpery we’ve been googling to see if we’d pull through without any ill effects. The song is a grand example of epic indie complete with lush orchestral backing. As the jaunty vocals die things really get interesting as the backdrop builds to a climatic conclusion that threatens to explode but somehow, quite unexpectedly, manages to hold its emotions in check. It doesn’t get much better than this, unless you’ve heard the album it comes from that is! KD

Code Pie – North Side City View

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Year: 2011

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