Computer Perfection – O Your Blue Blood

Computer Perfection used to be called Pas/Cal but owing to the immeasurable damage that that forward-slash was having on mp3 tagging the world over they sensibly decided to make the switch. Nothing much has changed in the music mind as anyone who has salivated all over ‘Poor Maude’ would know. Our first contact with the new incarnation came via ‘Able Archer’ which was as perfect as you could expect indie pop to be. So in the spirit of adventure and in an effort to prove that they are not just sweet melody merchants songs with twists like ‘O Your Blue Blood’ pop up and down their ‘We Wish You Well On Your Way To Hell’ album. And you know we prefer it that way, you need a break from perfect song writing every now and then in order to let ones experimental locks flow in the wind. The only gripe is that the polyphonic spree ends too soon for our aforementioned bushy appendage quite misses the gamely tussle. KD

Computer Perfection – O Your Blue Blood

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Year: 2009

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