Cosmic Rough Riders – Have You Heard The News Today

Poptones never achieved the respect that Alan McGee’s previous venture with Creation had but there was still some memorable music associated with that label. My favourite act was January whose debut ‘I Heard Myself In You’ still gives me shivers but I was also very fond of Scottish act Cosmic Rough Riders. Their ‘Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine’ was actually a gathering of the best tracks from the bands first 2 albums and it worked very well indeed in managing to sell over 100 thousand copies. With figures like that you’d have a number one album on your hands these days but this was the year 2000 when downloading was still very much in its infancy (hi audiogalaxy, still miss you pet). Cosmic Rough Riders were psych heads to the core so it was hardly surprising that their songs included words like Revolution, Glastonbury and Baby. It might be easy to scoff but the Glaswegians wrote some beautiful songs like ‘Have You Heard The News Today’ which out melodied Teenage Fanclub when they themselves were at their imperious best. Precious band. KD

Cosmic Rough Riders – Have You Heard The News Today

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Year: 2000

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