Deastro – Get Frostied

Deastro’s one and only inhabitant Randolph Chabot isn’t content to make do with a small collection of his own desert island discs. In fact he is such a frenzied operator his own record label Ghostly International appear to be finding it difficult to keep up. How else could you explain him releasing an EP on cassette from his own blog before his paymasters realised they should be helping with the non musicmaking side of things. Chabot probably agreed with a nod or a single worded email because he hadn’t the time while in throes of putting together another dozen or so tunes of an evening (or of a morning given the title of this one). We’ve called to his door before and Deastro still sounds inventive, experimental and diversionary. A bit like Golden Ages in fact, get them in a room a together and you could have a 21st century OMD (with rockets) on your hands. KD

Deastro – Get Frostied

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Year: 2010

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