La Sera – Watch Me Jump Start

Guided By Voices always struck me as being a band’s band rather than one that the general public took a complete fancy to. There’s no denying the esteem they are held in but you’d have to wonder whether a back catalogue as lauded as theirs allows them to live their post GBV lives in comfort. A new compilation of GBV covers called ‘Sing For Your Meat’ was released for Record Store Day this year and included contributions from some of the leading lights in indiedom such as Superdrag, Thurston Moore, Lou Barlow, the Flaming Lips, Cymbals Eat Guitars and La Sera. The latter’s take is particulary noteworthy proving that the longer Katy Goodman travels down the road with La Sera the increasingly gorgeous the results will become. KD

La Sera – Watch Me Jump Start

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Year: 2011

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  1. selorm denu
    April 20, 2011

    This is an AWESOMEINGLY Dope video, simple yet very fitting for the song. So the devil got shot and turned into an angel? DOPE lol!

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