Mapuche – She Unsaid (Edu K Midnight Remix)

I can fully understand why an artist would just send out a blank email with several mp3 attachments. Teleport yourself into their world, a planet where the birds sing in unison with the music coming from their heads. If the faceless that are writing about the music like it enough they’ll do their own investigation. 100% correct, because the bottom line is that all we really care for is the audio, there’s nobody around here that bothered about what is essentially window dressing. That said fresh from serious nodding on foot of Mapuche’s mysterious email I was intrigued enough to find out about the basis for the wondrous noise. Mapuche comes from Florianópolis in Brazil, a location where Mr. & Mrs. Hugger once spent several happy weeks doing nothing else except explore its beautiful beaches, and has just released a new LP called ‘Sanctity’ which can be downloaded for free. Appears the album is ripe for remixing (and is being distributed freely for that purpose) as demonstrated by this ingenious reworking of ‘She Unsaid’ from Edu K. The original is pretty neat too, offering a dancey element to what is for all intents and purposes a gorgeous love song. Actions speak louder. KD

Mapuche – She Unsaid (Edu K Midnight Remix)

Mapuche – She Unsaid

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Year: 2011

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  1. April 1, 2011

    I’ve Just downloaded the full album! Great Music! Highly recommended!

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