Monarchs – Business Casual

Just last week I moved the blogging den upstairs so now instead of staring at a one coated bare wall in need of refreshment I look upon our heavily birded garden. The change has been instant, a sunny demeanour has overtaken my foreground and in turn has given certain songs the canvass they require. Like the jolt I get while listening to Celeste Griffin’s (she is Monarchs) ‘Business Casual’ from her soon to be released debut LP ‘The Rise And Fall’. Griffin has a cheery delivery which allows the listener to be lulled into not processing the lyrics which are wry and more than a little funereal. Her producer has worked with Heartless Bastards and Monarchs come from a similar lineage as the Sunday best outer threads and scratchy under garments prove to be just as enjoyable as each other. KD

Monarchs – Business Casual

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Year: 2011

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