Radium88 – Sleepwalk (Warm Fuzzy Mix)

As a Forest fan I need plenty of encouragement to look beyond the match result and share in the joy of supporting the twice European Cup champions. Of late this pursuit has been difficult especially as the slide into the 1st division no man’s land continues unabated. Perhaps there are other ways to celebrate the Nottingham spirit I think to myself but then Six By Seven appear for all intents and purposes deceased. But then I happened upon the celestial utterings of Radium88 (who granted last released in 2007 and have a homepage like a dinosaur from 1996 but we’ll take breadcrumbs whenever they fall from the table) who make it sound like This Mortal Coil had an alternate career in original material. ‘Sleepwalk’ probably goes further though as it could have easily slipped from those forgotten Alex Jones recordings wherein the young Welsh lad showed an unhealthy appetite for the synth making devices of the day. Stripey red scarf in place and ‘The Team That Satisifies’ cotton badge neatly sewn into the nearest apparel it appears Radium88 have unlocked a love that was almost lost and kick started a new one. KD

Radium88 – Sleepwalk (Warm Fuzzy Mix)

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Year: 2007

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  1. September 14, 2011

    “A Valuable Addition to our Modern Lifestyle” is by far my favorite CD by Radium88. Technically labeled trip hop, it came out in 1998. But they’ve put out some excellent meditation CD’s like “Metamorphosis” (2004) and “Only Science Can Tell” (2007). I’m definitely looking forward to hearing what they have been putting out since then. I highly recommend Radium88.

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