Sun Airway – Put The Days Away

This could actually be U2 were they still relevant. I loved that band more than most, in fact up to and including ‘The Joshua Tree’ I was a true disciple. I think the turning point was Bono’s hair at self-aid, a chink of weakness that slowly revealed itself to be cracks on their later albums. Of course they’ve had some great tunes along the way but as creators of collections of songs they’ve blown their load a long time ago. Ok, got sidetracked a little there but ‘Put The Days Away’ has that swagger that had me thinking. The duo from Philadelphia put out their debut ‘Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier’ last year so sorry for being so tardy. Sooner or later this song was going to infiltrate my heart however, impossible to resist such shimmering distortion set to endless repeat, it’s just got that edge. KD

Sun Airway – Put The Days Away

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Year: 2010

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