Tap Tap – Dry, Dry Land

This is a song Thomas Sanders (aka Tap Tap and lead for Pete & The Pirates) did for our World Cup compilation, ‘Fast Forward‘, last summer. It was in the main a very fun record representing each of the 32 nations playing at the tournament. Not only that but it delivered one or two outstanding tunes with ‘Dry, Dry Land’ (written for Portugal) pretty much at the summit. Sanders had spent some time in Portugal (well, very nearby anyway) so his lyrics ring true, the music for its part is as inventive as his shimmying vocal delivery and a year on it still sends a shiver down my spine. So good in fact it can effortlessly erase the annoyance caused by the preening tendancies of the most famous footballer from that country. KD

Tap Tap – Dry, Dry Land

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Year: 2010

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