The Karman Line – Salka

Irish electronic acts are like buses….yeah you know it. No sooner had we put the phone down on Le Galaxie‘s fabulous new ditty then we took a ring ring from Cork’s the Karman Line. And wouldn’t you know it the couple of songs they sent us are absolute dingers, proper digital pleasures and all so free if your version of bandcamp’s name-your-price is a big fat nowt. This pair of choons work quite well together actually (they come from the much larger, well 3 songs larger, EP called ‘TKLEP01’) with ‘Salka’ offering classy introductions at the door while ‘Time’ specialises in cheeky hair ruffling on the dancefloor. In the space of 24 hours this little country appears to have grown legs optimised for grooving. A welcome development as we sink into the economic abyss. KD

The Karman Line – Salka

The Karman Line – Time

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Year: 2011

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