The Moustache Bravado – You No Understand

Yep, I’ve fallen for the music provided by a fake band for a spoof documentary about their travails through the music industry. Not sure what it says about this blog but the Hawaiian Moustache Bravado have indeed sent toes tapping chez hugger. The movie ‘Nothing Is Cool‘ is 30 minutes long and you can watch the trailer below. The Werner Herzog-esque commentary is a nice touch and there are some genuinely funny scenes but we were mostly impressed with the tuneage. To balance the books somewhat you’ll also find a tune from Mussels, which also appears in the film, an altogether real band and a really good one to boot. KD

The Moustache Bravado – You No Understand

Mussels – Don’t Leave Your Coffee On The Bar

More Info: Official
Year: 2011

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