The Ruby Suns – Cranberry

If I didn’t know this band better I’d be throwing out all manner of accusations at jumping on the zeitgeist but then this is the Ruby Suns and they practically invented this sort of thing. We’ve loved the NZ true blue poppers for a long time, so much so that we’ve resisted featuring them too often for fear of latent fanboyism. But now the dust settled on their last album ‘Fight Softly’ we could avoid the colourful tropicalia of ‘Cranberry’ no longer. Of course the Ruby Suns do pepper their melodic passages with frequent curveballs which has probably frustrated as much as it has enthralled. We wouldn’t change their treasure mapped rhapsody’s for all the tea in China though. Wiggly toes as we climb the wooden hill to leaba tonight. KD

The Ruby Suns – Cranberry

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Year: 2010

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