The Thrills – Your Love Is Like Las Vegas

By the finish I was scoffing as much as the next fella. There is only so much fake Americanisms that one can take. We get it, you are soaked in the west coast vibe and perhaps it has had a possessive effect but please come back down to earth so we can at least bear to spend 2 hours in your company. It wasn’t always this way of course, back in 2001 I saw the Thrills play to half a dozen people in Whelan’s and they sounded like the best band I’d ever heard. A couple of years later the ‘Santa Cruz (You’re Not That Far)’ single was the only thing I played for a whole month (‘Your Love Is Like Las Vegas’ still sounds pristine) and debut album ‘So Much For The City’ was peppered with greatness. Unfortunately it was all downhill from there (with the exception of a few classic singles) and we haven’t heard a peep from Conor Deasy and co since 2008’s ‘Teenager’ album. Hope they return with more of what made they such an exciting proposition in the first place, sans cross Atlantic baggage.KD

The Thrills – Your Love Is Like Las Vegas

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Year: 2003

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