Acrylics – Counting Sheep

I don’t know if this Brooklyn based duo deliberately set out to look and sound like the 80’s but they’ve achieved it none the less. And in keeping with relics from that decade it seems Acrylics signed to an old fashioned label. The label in question, Terrible Records, is run by Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear and together they produced a 10-inch white vinyl archival of their ‘All Of The Fire’ EP. Perfectly quaint I think you’ll agree, but then it had to be to house such pastoral delights as ‘Counting Sheep’ (used for blog effect as the song only came out this year on the ‘Lives and Treasure’ LP via Friendly Fire). This could be Alphaville and could indeed be big in Asia if things were to go their way. KD

Acrylics – Counting Sheep

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Year: 2011

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