Anathallo – The River

Just reading the story of Anathallo had me taking a brief nap. A band with lots of members and a penchant for touring until most of the joy of the experience had drained away. Probably the story for lots of acts but in the case of Anathallo it seems really heartbreaking given their ingenuous craft. Success came in the form of several TV commercials which sustained the group throughout the recording of their final LP ‘Canopy Glow’. The album was recorded in a church in Chicago and is blessed with inclusion of lots of bells which were uncovered, quite by chance, in several suitcases inside the echo chamber. ‘The River’ demonstrates the beauty that ensued. Anathallo may renew, refresh or bloom again but for the moment we can bask in their rich back catalogue. KD

Anathallo – The River

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Year: 2008

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