Austra – Lose It

The only thing that Katie Stelmanis and I have in common is that we both pick our upper lip. While the pursuit is generally deemed a private affair Ms Stelmanis chose to divulge her obsession under the glare of the video for ‘Lose It’. Now that the condition has been brought into the open maybe we can form some sort of support group together or set up a chain of pubs that permit the practice. Regardless, her band Austra are likely to be better remembered for their music which relocates the devices employed by the electro pioneers of the 80’s to modern times and combines them with a voice so ethereal it may be enough to get Liz Fraser out of retirement to wrestle back her crown. She’ll have a job on her hands as Toronto’s Austra are currently flavour of the year. They’re just on everyone’s lips. KD

Austra – Lose It

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Year: 2011

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