Buried Beds – Breadcrumb Trail

Philly outfit Buried Beds was founded as a duo in 2003 but quickly grew into a quintet that somehow sounds like a whole room full of talented musicians. Singer/pianist Eliza Jones and guitarist/vocalist Brandon Beaver have forged two parts chamber pop and one part alt rock, a delightfully complex and enveloping sound from the best of both worlds.

‘Breadcrumb Trail’ from upcoming album ‘Tremble the Sails’ is an energetic piano-driven piece but the real treat is in what sounds like a mad percussionist set loose in a kitchen. At the conclusion of every sweetly-sung verse the band clangs on nearby pots and pans, adding a bit of mischief to an otherwise innocent 2/4 beat. Add some violins, a banjo, and a guitar and you’ve got an inexplicably upbeat melancholy tune that might have you dancing down the sidewalk if you’re not careful. Doug Mabry

Buried Beds – Breadcrumb Trail

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Year: 2011

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