Moon Mission Death Squad – Catastrophist

Making an album is a big task that often involves a lot of people, so you’ve got to hand it to do-it-yourselfers like Moon Mission Death Squad for paving their own way. Oklahoma City brothers Mason and Daniel Weaver are self-styled “indie/vegan/bike rock slackers that play power pop” with a seething contempt for the music industry, and they don’t want the help.

‘Catastrophist’ is taken from 2003’s ‘Ignore Your Problems And They’ll Go Away’. It’s a melancholy tale of inevitable change told with lo-fi keyboards and guitar. There might be some hyperbole in his message, but Mason sings with the weariness of a man who is honestly convinced that the end is near.

MMDS are firm believers that music should be free and have made their albums available for download at Soundcloud and Doug Mabry

Moon Mission Death Squad – Catastrophist

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Year: 2003

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