Niceness – Tiger Paint

The first round of songs that have randomly swept through our consciousness this morning have been remarkably quiet. And for once I have bequeathed to their amorous advances. Don’t know how to tag my favourite of the bunch because it is a work in progress. Clancy Keaton who we’ve featured before as the Harriman Exit is currently collaborating with ‘a girl from Brooklyn’ (some research reveals she is called Kimberly O’Connor) under the name Goofball. I’m sure he came up with that on the spur so I was delighted when ‘Tiger Paint’ arrived packaged with Niceness as the artist name. Suits the pair much better. ‘Tiger Paint’ is so delicate and you’ll have to adjust the volume but once recalibrated you’ll hear it for what it is. In this case a take on Stina Nordenstam at her beguiling best. Clancy has been writing to us for a time now and it has just been a pleasure to hear him develop into a genuine talent. KD

Update: Kimberly got in touch to fill in the gaps…

I think an interesting facet to this story is that I uploaded Tiger Paint to my soundcloud over a month ago. Clancy and Keaton downloaded my rough take and added vocals and instrumentation. It was a very spontaneous and serendipitous collaboration, and really speaks to the powers of soundcloud. I’m so glad Clancy and Keaton were inspired to add their layers. Clancy has a wonderful voice and Keaton is pretty magic at instrumentation.

Niceness – Tiger Paint

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