The Car Is On Fire – Ombarrops!

The only Polish band I was familiar with pre The Car Is On Fire was Iowa Super Soccer. Now I know of 2 great bands from that country, one is perhaps quieter than the other but both are capable of memorableness. The Car Is On Fire come from Warsaw and according to their blog are on the cusp of releasing a new single. It’ll be their first output since the 2009 album ‘Ombarrops!’ which was recorded in Chicago. The title track is a scatty little thing, one minute it is all latter day Belle & Sebastian, the next I’m From Barcelona make an appearance before some music for the amorphous body study center era Stereolab hoves into view. Confusing and mixed up it is the perfect shove to get you over the midweek hump. KD

The Car Is On Fire – Ombarrops!

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Year: 2009

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