The History Of Apple Pie – Tug

I’ve started a new daily series on twitter wherein I call out (confusing eh?) the bands with the worst names. Earlier today this London outfit became the subject of my ridicule. At that point I had neither heard their music nor discovered that they come from London. When the precious barreling noise of ‘Tug’ did just that with my heartstrings I made a half-hearted attempt to track down the offending tweet but having failed to do so I just shrugged my shoulders and tapped my toes. The 5-piece are the epitome of indie, all cardigan and mopey expression, and for that I truly love them. ‘Tug’ is retro fitted and future proofed in the way all good Pains of Being Pure At Heart songs are. You can hear it was conceived with love and no amount of cruel tweet can deflect from the fact that they are above it all. KD

The History Of Apple Pie – Tug

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Year: 2011

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