The Shamen – Move Any Mountain

I really can’t bring myself to hate the Eurovision even when every instinct in my body is flagging me to do so. Can’t even find the strength to harbour ill thoughts towards our american cousins from Lucan. If they win it’ll be a life of grimes for this small nation and considering the mess we’re in it seems like an appropriate fate. So in attempt to restore equilibrium (and fight the unnatural urges I have for that song from Estonia) here is something from 1991 that completely changed my opinion of what dance music was about. I remember standing at the t-shirt rack in HMV trying to find a lemon faced Stone Roses effort when ‘Move Any Mountain’ completely set my pulse racing. The speakers were overhead and suddenly I was in an underground dance emporium. Can’t say they ever came this close to perfection agin but in the 20 years since it first appeared ‘Move Any Mountain’ has lost none of its kinetic energy. With the Shamen’s dress sense they could have had a decent crack at the Eurovision crown. KD

The Shamen – Move Any Mountain

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Year: 1991

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