Betty Black – Spring Blossoms

Betty who? Who cares, because she’s doin’ the do. And how, from ‘Spring Blossoms’ quiet output a storm of creativity is brewing. Because we care we know that Sylvia Gordon has shown an insatiable appetite for jumping from one successful incarnation to another (Moby, William Orbit et al). Her latest stop on the way to infamousville is Betty Black and this is a taste from her upcoming ‘Slow Dance’ EP. It’s quite unlike what we normally feature but then it is near impossible to keep good music down no matter what guise it takes. ‘Spring Blossoms’ has a minor gnarl but boasts such a groovy shimmer it proves impossible to resist. Take what Betty Black does and ram jam it into your nearest player. KD

Betty Black – Spring Blossoms

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Year: 2011

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