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Crikey, how lucky are we to have the internet? Definitely a privileged generation of music fans having the world’s best music fall into our laps. In the wake of Doug’s wonderful piece on Cao Fang a reader called Mara got in touch with a tip for another Asian band called (odd I know but the .org is there to differentiate them from another artist called Byul) from Seoul. I feel a mini explosion of eastern artists appearing on this site and if they are anywhere as good as then let the good times roll. ‘Pacific’ effortlessly exhibits the joy of youth (watch the video below for more evidence) with its simple electro bounce and peppy vocals. According to Mara the band are on an upward curve after writing the soundtrack to a South Korean film called ‘Take Care of My Cat’. Could they be any more cuter? KD – Pacific

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Year: 2010

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