Cao Fang – Letters

The world gets smaller every day thanks to the internet. That said, it’s a bit frustrating that music from east of the Prime Meridian doesn’t find its way to hugger HQ more often. Language barriers can be conquered by Google Translator, but when we’re talking about a different alphabet things become difficult. All the more reason to cherish what we do get.

Cao Fang (曹方) is a Chinese indie pop artist whose “In Summer” (在夏天) made it to Western airwaves as the soundtrack to a commercial during the 2008 Summer Olympics. It lasts only a minute but every second counts. It’s an entrancing bit, just the girl and an acoustic guitar. “Letters” (ä¿¡) appeared on her most recent album. It’s got more meat on its bones but is no less enticing. Suddenly Mandarin Chinese lessons don’t seem like a bad idea.

Regrettably, the language barrier precludes any avenue to purchase her work, so this will have to do for now. Doug Mabry

Cao Fang – In Summer

Cao Fang – Letters

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Year: 2009

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