Clatter Clatter – Just To Say

Most of the time when I speak of associations they are probably so obscure not even my family would care to hazard a guess at what I’m talking about. So here goes, on ‘Just To Say’ by Clatter Clatter I am most reminded of English shufflers Alfie and Dublin’s, long since deceased, Jubilee Allstars. Keith Nelson’s vocals are particularly McCormackesque which may just alienate the 2 of you who have been reading up to this point. The song is taken from Clatter Clatter’s ‘Too Many Boxes’ EP from 2009 and was recorded in disparate spaces throughout Boston. Seems it was their only venture in the recording process and their Facebook page now bellows of schemes that will make you rich from just sitting at home and surfing the internet. Clatter Clatter it seems are still in search of the perfect hit. KD

Clatter Clatter – Just To Say

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Year: 2009

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