DEDE – Secrets

Television advertising has come a long way since pretty ladies wearing flowered dresses held up a pack of smokes on live TV and told you “more doctors smoke Lucky Strikes!”Â  Nowadays commercials are shot in HD with CGI graphics, and jingles have evolved into soundtracks.

That is how we were exposed to Brooklyn duo DEDE, who penned a jingle for a psychedelic cat food commercial, of all things.  DEDE blends dreampop with funk bass and trip hop beats, but what makes this band stand out is a distinctly 60’s flavor.  It’s unique, it’s cool, and fun to listen to.

DEDE are unsigned but look poised to break into the mainstream.  They’ve released a self-titled EP that streams from Soundcloud (nothing for sale yet), but have released one song for download.  “Secrets” doesn’t have a beat, it has a groove.  Singer Deanne Reynolds’ silky voice is a dream and the bass doesn’t just walk, it dances with the beat.  Groovy, man.  Doug Mabry

DEDE – Secrets

More Info: Official
Buy Songs: Nothing yet!
Year: 2011

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