F̩vrier РEmpress (Textural Reshape)

It seems that the college dormitories of America no longer rumble to the sound of rapturous drinking and made-up hallway sports. Instead, thousands of earphoned youths chomp on their umpteen packet of noodles in an effort to prove themselves worth the internet’s approval. Most will soon be back to more traditional pursuits but there are a rarified batch who could make such endeavours part of their expense alleviating post college life. Colorado’s Connor Etges could well be one of that select group given his memorable laboratorial electronica. This one was reworked by Portland’s Textural Being (so cool) and together they approximate a form of the Field meets M83ism. Etges owns the sky so now it’s high time some earthlings got on board. KD

F̩vrier РEmpress (Textural Reshape)

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Year: 2011

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