Hotel Mexico – Dear Les Friends

The world is getting smaller thanks to the internet, and I for one think that’s pretty rad. How else would I discover this nugget of retro-pop from Hotel Mexico, a six-piece ensemble all the way from Kyoto, Japan? Their track ‘Dear Les Friends’ has a lo-fi aesthetic similar to Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, without being weird for just for weirdness sake.

With a machine-gun drum roll, Hotel Mexico dives right in to the jam. Underneath the understated strum of guitar, the bass brings the funk with the agility of an acrobat, settling into the pocket for the verse. I can’t make out much of what the singer is saying but the melody, drizzled in reverb, is pleasant, and so are the droning keyboards that shimmer over a cacophony of crashing cymbals and helicopter snare rolls during the song’s climatic moments.

Hotel Mexico’s first full-length album, ‘His Jeweled Letter Box’ is out now on Second Royal Records.

Joseph Avary

Hotel Mexico – Dear Les Friends

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Year: 2011

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