Niceness – Harmoni

Last time round we were a little in the dark about the make-up of Niceness, but it was probably understandable given that they had only come together a few weeks previous. Now the details are clear, Niceness are Kim O’Connor, Clancy Gill and Keaton Elsasser. This is a trio made in internet heaven as the 2 boys are living in Wyoming, while Kim is based in faraway Brooklyn. The lack of face to face contact has not hindered the collaboration one iota though, as amply evidenced by ‘Harmoni’. If anything this is a step up on ‘Tiger Paint’ and you know how much that tweaked our heartstrings. Niceness remain our very own little secret but their wider acceptance is an inevitability. KD

Niceness – Harmoni

More Info: Official
Buy Songs: Soon, Fingers Crossed
Year: 2011

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