Peppercorn – Need You Now

The winter solstice has passed way down under in Australia, but the lads in Sydney’s Peppercorn are still riding a most summery vibe with their new track ‘Need You Now’.

The track is at times hypnotic, with jangly guitars over pounding toms that build to an anthemic chorus, complete with harmonized I-I-I’s and enough guitar crunch to chip a tooth. These dynamic devices are nothing new, bands like the Pixies and Nirvana made their reputation pitting soft verses against loud choruses. What’s different about this offering from Peppercorn is that it manages to take the 90’s alt-rock formula and spiff it up with new touches (synthesizers? check!) from today’s beach-centric indie movement.

‘Need You Now’ is available as a digital split with Good Dangers from Cosine records. Peppercorn also has the Wasted Summer EP for free download on their bandcamp.

Joseph Avary

Peppercorn – Need You Now

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Year: 2011

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