Saganism – The Information

Despite giving up, a while back, on what most people must endure from Monday to Friday I still cherish Sunday evenings. There’s no other time like it, the bliss may be coming to an end but it is still so much better than what the grind will ultimately throw in your general direction. I tend to use it to uncover quiet, thoughtful numbers, something that is not in the least bit bland but at the same time possesses no resistance for those looking for a gentle ear caress. This week’s beaut comes from Cork’s Walter Higgins, a man who turned 40 and decided to record an album to mark the occasion (life begins and all that). The result is ‘Ode To Voyager’, an Orbesque type venture that had me hooked immediately. I listened all the way through which doesn’t happen as often as it should anymore. ‘The Information’ is perhaps the fulcrum, a circular digital riff pocketed by vocal clips it amounts to radiant electronica. If Lemon Jelly had conspired to create it I’m sure the hype machine would have already whizzed into action. KD

Saganism – The Information

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Year: 2011

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