Superhumanoids – Mikelah

We’ve already temptingly brushed past them on one of our SXSW roundups earlier this year, so I guess it could mean something special is on the cards now that ‘Mikelah’ has risen imperiously above the throbbing mp3 din. Our connection makes sense, given our vintage, and the fact that they ply us with a delicious form of post dreampop posturing. Cameron Parkins and Sarah Chernoff make such perfect vocal waltzes, their utterances ever so slightly sepia toned so as to give the piece an air of early 90’s authenticity. Not that you had to be there because good music will always be thus no matter the influences. ‘Mikelah’ will be released on converted whale blubber in about a week, expect them to be featuring on plenty of web blowholes over the next while. KD

Superhumanoids – Mikelah

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Year: 2011

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