We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves – Miss Maris Morris

We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves must be lying to us: they definitely sound like they are having the time of their life on the track “Miss Maris Morris”. The jangly guitars are crisp and trebly, which juxtapose nicely with the full-bodied bassline. The band keeps the relatively simple chord progression from becoming redundant by turning it inside-out a few times over the 3 minutes and 40 seconds. I can’t help but compare them to early Scottish post-punkers Orange Juice and, more recently, UK Brit-poppers Good Shoes, mainly because of Giovanni Saldarriaga’s European-tinged vocals. It’s hard to believe they’re from Brooklyn and not Britain, but it’s even harder to believe they aren’t enjoying themselves. Joseph Avary

We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves – Miss Maris Morris

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Year: 2010

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