Yellow Ostrich – I’ll Run

‘I’ll Run’ opens with the listless playing of a teenager fooling around with a new guitar.  He pensively plucks the strings, listening to the warm buzz of a ten-watt practice amp, then tries out a couple chords.  Satisfied, he bursts into a simple melody and sings from the bottom of his heart.

“He” is Alex Schaaf who recorded several EPs over the last few years as Yellow Ostrich.  After hooking up with bassist Jon Natchez and drummer Michael Tapper the group signed with Barsuk Records, which will reissue their recent LP ‘The Mistress‘ on August 16th.

‘I’ll Run’ first appeared on the ‘Fade Cave‘ EP, recorded by Schaaf alone using only his voice and a drum machine.  It is presented here as it will sound on ‘The Mistress,’ a group effort this time, with a distinctly different sound.  I won’t lie; I like the old version a bit better but you can decide for yourself by giving it a listen on Yellow Ostrich’s Bandcamp page.  Doug Mabry

Yellow Ostrich – I’ll Run

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Year: 2011

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