Exitmusic – The Sea

The blogs don’t tell you much, at least the ones that scroll through the Hype Machine, yet with Exitmusic signed to (the rarely gets it wrong) Secretly Canadian we’re in no doubt something good is going to happen. The husband and wife team of Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church (NewYorker/Winnipegian) have signalled as much on their first recording with SC called ‘The Sea’ which opines a bloody menace, like the glimmer from sharpened blades waved in the night shadows. It is taken from their forthcoming LP ‘Silence’ which won’t be the work of novices as Exitmusic have been together for 7 years. ‘The Sea’ is dramatic and a million miles from daytime indie, like Sigur Ros were they to decamp to the Arctic circle for months on end. KD

Exitmusic – The Sea

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Year: 2011

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