Brandon Biondo – Sleeve

You may or may not have heard of Coolrunnings, I’ve given ’em some time but they proved to be not my bag at all. Funny then that Brandon Biondo from the band and his eponymous offshoot should hit the bullseye. Perhaps it’s that Sunday night feeling where I start looking for ye olde reliable sound for pre-working week solace. ‘Sleeve’ is unmistakably early nineties in persuasion (Biondo also goes by the name of Walsh so perhaps ‘Green Sleeves’ wasn’t out of the question?), almost underproduced yet even more precious for being so. Bedroom artists of this ilk 20 years ago probably still have dusty cassettes piled high in their attics, nowadays some audio as computer binary can be transmitting on speakers round the globe within the blink of an ear. Yay for modern technology and the conduits that form because of it. Thankfully the music stays the same. KD

Brandon Biondo – Sleeve

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Year: 2011

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